What To Do If You’ve Received A DUI

Receiving a DUI can easily be a confusing and stressful life event. In fact, many people that I’ve spoke with that have received a DUI have told me that it’s kept them up at night. Why? Think about the implications of a DUI conviction… It could ruin your professional life, leave you unable to get to your job, and impact your social life too. No one wants a mistake to ruin their lives like that. Often times, many people think that they have no options when they are arrested on a drunk driving charge. They usually think that they have to just plead guilty and accept the charges. This is, in fact, not true. There are many things that can be done when you receive a DUI that can lessen the infractions. But this can only happen if you contact and retain an experienced DUI lawyer. Here’s what can happen…

First, the lawyer will talk to you about what happened and how the officers went about their procedure. A qualified lawyer will research the case as much as possible to find flaws and inaccuracies in how everything occurred. These flaws vary depending on the case. A lawyer may find that the breathalyzer procedure was performed wrong. This means that the evidence is inadmissible in court and could lead to the case being dismissed. Remember, the breathalyzer test must be performed by an officer. This officer is more than capable of making a human error.

Another factor to remember is that an arrest can only happen after someone has failed a roadside sobriety test. However, these tests are flawed. One of the tests is to walk in a straight line. Well, what if the person being tested is overweight or has balance problems? This could cause a failure. Another test is saying the alphabet. When was the last time you said the alphabet out loud? You may not even remember.

Lastly, breathalyzer tests are often performed at the police station after a lot of time has passed since the individual was pulled from the car. Since everyones body processes alcohol differently, it is possible that the BAC score is much higher than it was when the individual was pulled over (which could have been under the legal limit).

Taking all of these things into consideration plus your personal account, a qualified lawyer can craft an argument to help defend your case. Don’t leave it to chance! Contact a DUI lawyer today to protect your rights!

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What To Do After You Receive a DUI

Drinking and driving is a huge offense in the Cook County area. As a lawyer that handles a majority of criminal and DUI cases, I have seen various different types of scenarios play out in terms of DUI’s – everything from horrible accidents to misunderstandings.

Today I am going to walk you through exactly what you should do once you are charged and arrested for driving under the influence.

First, once you are charged, do not talk to the police. Anything you say can and will be used against you. In a state of inebriation it can be hard to remember to keep to yourself, especially if the cops are badgering you with questions (as they often do). As soon you are in custody, call your lawyer and let them know exactly what happened. Good lawyers will come immediately to speak on your behalf and advise you as to how you should proceed.

Next, do not panic. Often times, when charged with a DUI, individuals will let their emotions get the best of them. This can lead to yelling matches or physical altercations with the police. Please understand that they are trying to protect the citizens of the community you are in. Yes, this entire ordeal is a fiasco but yelling or hitting an officer can lead to much, much worse penalties.

The last step is to have your finances in order. Lawyers often require a retainer for this type of work. Not only that, the fees associated, if charged, will be high. However, our law firm and our sister law firm, Feldman Criminal Law, works extremely hard to make sure our clients receive the minimum legal amount. We’ve proved this time and time again with past clients.

Written by Eric Cohen, legal intern summer 2014 at Feldman Defense: Criminal Lawyer in Chicago. Continue reading

Illinois’ “Crazy” New DUI Laws

As a criminal lawyer, I thought I was impervious to the new laws that certain politicians come up with but the recent “advancements” we’re seeing in the Chicago legal system are nothing but a sham. Let me explain…

Let’s first start with the increase in police. It turns out the mayor, whose brother-in-law is Chief of Police, is about to retire. Rather than give up his job gracefully, he wants to make sure his “buddies” are locked into contracts before he’s out so the new guy can’t do anything about it. There are usually checks and balances in play to keep things like this from happening, however… The Big Chief found a little loop-hole. As long as the contract is signed 6 months prior to a newly reinstated Chief, it’s 100% valid.

The reason for the DUI checkpoints…

A friend of mine, Criminal Lawyer and a close friend of mine told me his theory. He believes that since the governor made it harder to get passed DUI inspections, the police have been basically given the green light to arrest anyone – even if they barely smell alcohol!

It’s a strange we’re living through, in terms of DUI law…

What Bitcoin Means For Criminal Lawyers

opengraphIt’s always interesting to see how technology plays a role in shaping our culture. From the iPhone and iPad to driverless cars, it seems as though technology is making our lives increasingly easier and, most would say, better.

However, there is a drawback to such powerful technology – for all the good it has brought us, it has (and will continue to be) used for just as much bad. We can take for example the NSA snooping, Net Neutrality, and the new tech phrase on everyones lips, “Bitcoin“.

When Bitcoin first came out, I was not impressed. To me and many of the people who I talked to, it was just a “fake” currency used by the deep web. Well, I had no idea what it really was…

A few months later and I notice more and more stories popping up regarding this new crypto-currency and how it is being used to purchase illegal items – drugs, weapons, etc. Then it hit me… This is an unregulated way of paying for items anonymously, of course it will be used for criminal matters.

I recently had coffee with a colleague of mine, S.J. Feldman of Feldman Criminal Defense (a Criminal and DUI attorney out of Chicago) and he shares my views.

Paraphrasing, he said, “Bitcoin and crypto-currencies will continue to fund illegal matters and purchase illegal items, just as our regulated dollar does. It’s a matter of fighting the root cause, not what’s funding it.”

Like all other technological advances, it will be interested to see how this one pans out…